Thursday, December 29, 2016

How to Have a Beautiful Healthy Hair (After Shower)

Hello my beauty pies, how you doing?. So, today I decided to do you a little review about my after shower hair routine. Before I start, I don't use a hairdryer, I only use it if I have a party/ wedding/ event ....

-Step 1: I dry my hair with a towel for about 15 minutes or more with a super-absorbent towel and I blot it instead of rubbing it.

-Step 2: Then, I use this masterpiece lol: Urban Natural's Care.
- The price: 20 Turkish Lira= 1400 da.
- The smell: its smell amazing and it lasts 2-3 days.
- This serum is incredibly amazing for all types of hair. It has Argan oil which helps in repairing and moisturising the hair. Also, this product is concentrated with vitamin E, antioxidants and Omega 9 that help to reduce and hydrate split ends easily. I do recommend you to buy anything that consists of Argan oil especially if you suffer from breakage.

-Step 3: Agaaaaaaiiiiiinnn I use coconut oil after shower for my damaged hair in order to moisturize and style it. (If you want to know more about coconut oil, check out my previous hair routine articles).

-Step 4: yeees I do Quardoun for my hair. Quardoun is a traditional beauty trick that our mother and grandmother used to do it in order to have a shiny, healthy and natural wavy hair. All you need to do is: brush your hair, tie it very well then apply the Quardoun from the middle till the end of your hair. I usually do it before I go to bed and I take it off the next morning. So believe me just try it at home and you will see the results, even Kim K had used it lol.
Well, this is what I do to have a healthy beautiful after shower, I hope you enjoyed reading this article, thank you for your support and stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Current Hair Routine

    Hellooooo sugars, how you doing? I miss you so much and I'm sorry I haven't uploaded a review/ article because I had a problem with the internet. Anyway, today's article is about my hair routine, i.e. what I do during taking shower.
If you are following me on instagram, you'll know that I'm a TRESemmé girl but with dying my hair, the former got damaged more and more and the shampoo didn't fit my hair at all. So, I decided to change the shampoo to something else (Happy with this decision :)).

- Price: 350 DA= 3€= 3,14$.
- Formula: 3x Liquid Keratine.
- This hair repair treatment has a formula of 3x liquid keratin (in case you want to buy it, the bottle is black and gold). What I love about this shampoo:
> It is made specifically for extremely damaged hair.
> It repairs the damages precisely and fills hair fissures.
> It rebuilds the hair structure - Up to 95% less breakage.

- Price: 350 DA= 3€= 3,14$.
- Formula: 3x Liquid Keratine.
- After using the shampoo and conditioner for about 2 months, I've found: 
> My hair is more sleek and less dry and frizzy.
> It moisturises my hair very well.
> It makes my fine, curly hair more manageable, easier to comb through.

- Price: 650 da= 5,61€= 5,8$.
- Formula: 3x Liquid Keratine. 
- After the shampoo and conditioner, I apply the creamy mask and leave it for 2 minutes, then I rinse it all. It enhances suppleness and shine, makes your hair manageable and detangles with its Liquid Keratin ingredients.

Well, all of the products have a very ‘masculine’ smell or is it the chemicals? Keratin? I don't know !!!! Also, the shampoo formula  is a little runny, not as thick in consistency as normal shampoo's.
So, I would definitely recommend this range to people with dry or damaged hair. IT MAY BE YOUR SOLUTION TO FRIZZZZ !!!
- I hope you enjoyed reading my article, stay tuned for more and I LOVE YOU. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to Have a Beautiful and a Healthy Hair (Before Shower)

  Hello my cupcakes, I'm really sorry I haven't posted this article on Saturday because I got sick. Anyway, stop talking about myself, how you doing? I'm so happy because we are in December (My fav month). Anyway,  last summer I've changed my hair colour (I've used 7 oils to dye it) for the first time. I was so happy because the colour fitted my skin tone perfectly but unfortunately my hair got damaged. So, today I will show what I did (still doing it lol) to repair it.

- Coconut Oil: is rapidly growing in popularity because of its uses and benefits. I use it as a treatment before I wash my hair. I apply it, leave it for an overnight and then wash it the day after. Its is more convenient to do this, just make sure to put on a bandana or a towel on your pillow. Well, here you are some mind blowing reasons why I'm so glad to use coconut oil:  
 - It prevents hair breakage and split ends.
 - It slows down hair loss.
 - It moisturizes dry hair.

-Jadayel Oil: I couldn't find its name in English but all I know is a formula of different types of oil which are: mustard oil, olive oil, coriander oil, jatamansi oil, coconut oil, alkanna tinctoriat oil and other beneficial herbs. I really love this oil because it has a special hair lengthening formula that provides the hair with natural tonic ingredients to give strong, healthy and shiny look.
- All in all, I use both of the oils as an overnight oil treatment to prevent hair breakage and give a healthy look for my hair. For their prices, coconut oil coasts 650 da= 5,88 $= 5,47€ and jadayl oil coasts 850 da= 7,7 $= 7,1 €.
- I hope you enjoyed reading this article, thank you so much for your support and stay tuned for more.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Review: Maybelline Define and Volume Mascara

Helloooooo my cupcakes :) I know, it has been a while since I posted a review/ article, I'm really sorryyyyyyyy :(. Anyway, today I will talk to you about a product which I've been using since June (I think lol) and I fell in love with it. 
- Name: Maybelline Define and Volume Mascara.
- Price: 1000 da = 8,47€ = 9 $.
- Packaging: it has a thiner brush that helps to define your lashes.
-If you have been cursed with short eyelashes (as me), you will struggle to find the right mascara. Well girls this is what I do before I use my mascara , I have to use the eyelash curler because this trick will curl my eyelashes upward and make them appear longer. Then, I use my masterpiece (lol) my Maybelline Define and Volume Mascara and these are the reasons why I love it:
> It is a waterproof mascara.
> It separates my eyelashes very well.
> It gives a perfect volume which I have been looking for since I started wearing makeup.
> Last but not least, for those who are looking for thickness and clump-free coverage, this mascara is for you.
To sum up, I really love this mascara and I do recommend it for you.
Thank you so much for your support and stay tuned for more.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Face Care Routine

Hello my cupcakes, I miss you so muuuch , how is it going with school? work? life?. So, yesterday I was talking to my BFF Sara (Hey masfara) and she asked me what is my current face routine? I started to give her some tips and I decided to write for you (All of Youuu) an article on my face routine.
Before starting a face routine, you need to :
1- Know what type of skin you have so that you can buy skin care products which suit your skin.
2- Keep your skin healthy by: eating smart, drinking water (1-1,5 L per day) and get plenty of sleep.

The first thing I do is : cleaning my face from makeup. I use Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover and Corine de Farme Lait Démaquillant. 

> Nivea: I shake it well before and I clean gently the eye area without rubbing it with a cotton pad. This product effectively remove eyes' makeup especially waterproof mascara and it is devised to protect eye lashes.

> Corine de Farme Lait Démaquillant: I use it for the rest of my face. Although I'm not very satisfied with its results but it kinda do a good job.

After removing my makeup I use Neutrogena Deep Clean Gel Exfoliant to remove my dead skin cells and my imperfections. I apply it on a wet face and then I gently massage (don't scrub too hard) the exfoliator in circular emotions for about 60 seconds. After that I wash my face with lukewarm water.

The last step I do is hydrate my face with a night cream. I'm using L'oréal Hydra-Total 5 which : hydrates, regenerates, strengthens, nourishes and rests the skin all night. I've been using this cream face for about 2 years and I'm in love with it, so I do recommend you to purchase it.
All in all, this is my current face routine and if you want yours to  works perfectly, you have to eat healthier, drink water (8 glasses per day) and choose appropriate products that suit you skin type. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Masque Purifiant Review

Hello my sunshines, how are you?. Today, I figure out to do you a small review on a product that I fell in love with: Callibelle Purifying Mask.
- Price: 650da= 5,40 €= 5,88$.
- How to use it: put it on your face for 5 to 6 minutes and then rinse it with lukewarm water. 
- I'm not a girl who likes to do facial masks on weekends and let them dry while I read a magazine or watching a video, well you can say that I'm a moisturiser girl (I looove moisturising my whole body). So, when I found this mask I told to my self: " Rania, give it a try, it has clay and plants, just take it home and try it".
Well, DRUMS PLEEEEEASE this is the most effective mask I have ever used for several reasons:
 a) It completely removes all traces of makeup.
 b) It absorbs the natural sebum and leave the skin dry and smooth.
 c) It removes dead skin cell and gives an overall healthy glow skin.
Also, if you use this mask on a regular basis, it will stimulate and improve the circulation of the skin. 
- All in all, I really love  this mask and I can't wait for weekend to come and use it again. By the way, you can use for 1 to 2 a week and I do not recommend it for people who have acne unless you ask your dermatologist.
- Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and stay tuned for more.
                                        I Love You

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Review: L'OREAL Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation 24H

How you doing my beauties? I hope you're doing great. Well, today I thought to do you a small review on a product that I fell in love with since I bought it. 
- Price: 1800 da = 14,8€= 16,31$.
- Shade: I have chosen a lighter shade which is 015 Porcelain and it goes perfectly on me.
- The packaging: it has a pump which helps to not squirt too much , so all you need to pump it up one or twice and that's it. 
- Finding the perfect foundation for me was my biggest problem until I've found this masterpiece LOL. This foundation has a very smooth texture, it hides fatigue and imperfections plus it gives a  luminous glow to the face. Also, it gives a medium-heavy coverage which is kinda good for the skin especially since it said that it lasts for 24 hours , so do you need a full coverage face foundation for the whole day HELL NO!!!.
- If you have a dry skin all you need is a good moisturizer and this foundation and you will love the pigmentation but if your skin is of the oily type, do not skip a primer when you wear this.
- All in all, I love this foundation because: a) it matches with my tone, b) it blends very easily and does not leave any white cast, c) it has SPF 18.
-So, my ladies I recommend you to give it a try and believe me you'll will love it.
- Disclaimer- This review is not sponsored.
Stay tuned for more and I Love You. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Review: Maybelline le Colossal Volume Express Waterproof

Hello beauties, how you doing? Today, I thought to do you a small review on a product that I've been using for almost 6 months and which is: Mayeblline Mascara le Colossal Volume Express Waterproof.
- Price: 950 DA = 7,74 € = 8,6 $.
- Brush: as you can see, the brush is an oversized one which gives you volume.
- I'm not a big fan of my lashes, so when I saw this mascara I said to myself WOW I'll give it a try especially since it has an oversized brush. However, when I used it, the brush picked up too much mascara and distributes it too heavily. I think if this formula was paired with a different applicator maybe it will give a better result.
-Anyway, I'm really disappointed because I really love and enjoy using Maybelline mascaras, so I do not recommend you to buy it.
I hope you enjoyed reading this little review, stay tuned for more and follow me on instagram @beautywithranoucha. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

How to Deal with Bags/ Dark Circles/ Spots ?

Hello cupcakes, I hope you're doing well. Most of us suffer from dark circles, bags, spots, redness ... especially because of weather changing, fatigue, lack of hydration ... . So, today I thought to give you some tricks to cover your imperfections.
Whenever we enter to a cosmetics store, we find palettes, tubes  and crayons with bizarre colours such as: orange, light green, dark brown .... So, we start to ask our selves What The Hell Is That???. Well, those palettes and tubes with their varied rainbow of pastel shades are colour correcting which conceal and calms your eyes/face areas.
  1. Green Concealer: in general green colour neutralizes red, so this is why green concealers get rid and remove any zits, acne scars, redness. Therefore, if you want to reduce your red spots, all you need is a green concealer/primer for a flawless look.
  2. Purple Concealer: is the best to conceal yellow spots and brightens dullness on a medium skin. People with dull yellow complexion will love it since it gives a beautiful glow to the entire face.
  3. Peach/ Salmon Concealer: for people who suffer from dark circles ( blue to purple ) and fatigue signs, this shade of concealer is the ideal to well cover panda eyes ( lol ) and give a highlight to the dark spots.
  4. Yellow Concealer: is perfect for hiding purple or blue bruises, veins and under eye circles. You can use it as a primer for your foundation or eyeshadow since it is suitable for all skin tone.
  5. Orange Concealer: in case you have a lighter skin tone, well stay away from orange concealers/ correctors because they do a great job on dark to deep skin tones. However, if you're out of bronzer, it may help you for a facial contouring. Other than that, this colour is perfect to hide dark circles or other spots with deep discolouration.
  6. Neutral Concealer: if you're lucky and don't have any imperfection to hide, this colour will work fine with you. Just choose a similar shade to your skin tone and you're all set. Also, you can use as a primer for eyeshadow or lipstick to last all day and night. 
I hope you will benefit from this article, stay tuned for more
                                <3 I Love You <3

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall Must Haves

                                                        It is finally faaaaallllll :))))
As the title says, there are some tricks and trends to follow so that you will be " slaying " fall fashion style:

1- Trench Coat: wether it is black or white, red or blue, you need it in your closet and here you are some reasons why you should have it:
   - You can put it anytime especially if you are out of style. So, all you need is a trench coat with jean       or legging.
  - you can wear it for a business meeting, a date or a family/ friends occasion.

2- Belted- Dress: the best thing about wearing a belt with a dress is that it suits pretty much everyone. Also, the belt can change completely the look of the dress and it gives that feminine stylish look.

3- Leather Jacket: no matter what kind of style you are drawn to be, a leather jacket looks good with everything I MEAN EVERYTHIIIING ( dress, skirt, denim...).

4- Bomber: if you haven't got one yet, I suggest you to get your hands on the most stylish trend for this season because:
  - It is so comfy to wear.
  - There are so many colours, versions of it.
  - You can wear for today's outfit or on a chilly night outfit.

5. Pencil Skirt: it can be made in any fabric you want, it simple and classy. You can wear it for meetings or dates.

6- Boots: wether they are flat or with heals, boots can be worn year around ( not only on fall) and they can work with everything. Moreover, they are a classy sophisticated style of shoe.

7- Dark Lipsticks: wether they are matte or shiny, before buying a dark lipstick, you should know what shade will suit you best.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little article , stay tuned for more
                                                               I Love You

Sunday, September 4, 2016


Finding your own style is a difficult task to do especially for young girls. So, Today I'll give you some steps to follow in order to find out your style.
1- understand your body:
So the first thing you need to understand is what kind of body you have and what works for you ( pear, apple, rectangle, hourglass and inverted triangle).
2- inspiration:
Gather your favorite icons style via Google, We Heart It or Instagram. Then, write down all the elements that you have liked and disliked in order to find what inspires you.
3- Wardrobe:
Take a good look at your closet and the pieces you already own. Toss what you haven't worn in the last year so you can start fresh. Then you can begin to rebuild and refine your wardrobe with a style that truly reflects where you are in your life and career.
4- Shopping:
Next time you go shopping, revisit your inspiration board first. Likely there are certain items themes, and specific items you'll need to re-create the looks you admire
- I hope you enjoyed reading this article
and let me know if these tips work for you.
- Stay tuned for more ❤️ I Love You ❤️