Thursday, December 29, 2016

How to Have a Beautiful Healthy Hair (After Shower)

Hello my beauty pies, how you doing?. So, today I decided to do you a little review about my after shower hair routine. Before I start, I don't use a hairdryer, I only use it if I have a party/ wedding/ event ....

-Step 1: I dry my hair with a towel for about 15 minutes or more with a super-absorbent towel and I blot it instead of rubbing it.

-Step 2: Then, I use this masterpiece lol: Urban Natural's Care.
- The price: 20 Turkish Lira= 1400 da.
- The smell: its smell amazing and it lasts 2-3 days.
- This serum is incredibly amazing for all types of hair. It has Argan oil which helps in repairing and moisturising the hair. Also, this product is concentrated with vitamin E, antioxidants and Omega 9 that help to reduce and hydrate split ends easily. I do recommend you to buy anything that consists of Argan oil especially if you suffer from breakage.

-Step 3: Agaaaaaaiiiiiinnn I use coconut oil after shower for my damaged hair in order to moisturize and style it. (If you want to know more about coconut oil, check out my previous hair routine articles).

-Step 4: yeees I do Quardoun for my hair. Quardoun is a traditional beauty trick that our mother and grandmother used to do it in order to have a shiny, healthy and natural wavy hair. All you need to do is: brush your hair, tie it very well then apply the Quardoun from the middle till the end of your hair. I usually do it before I go to bed and I take it off the next morning. So believe me just try it at home and you will see the results, even Kim K had used it lol.
Well, this is what I do to have a healthy beautiful after shower, I hope you enjoyed reading this article, thank you for your support and stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Current Hair Routine

    Hellooooo sugars, how you doing? I miss you so much and I'm sorry I haven't uploaded a review/ article because I had a problem with the internet. Anyway, today's article is about my hair routine, i.e. what I do during taking shower.
If you are following me on instagram, you'll know that I'm a TRESemmé girl but with dying my hair, the former got damaged more and more and the shampoo didn't fit my hair at all. So, I decided to change the shampoo to something else (Happy with this decision :)).

- Price: 350 DA= 3€= 3,14$.
- Formula: 3x Liquid Keratine.
- This hair repair treatment has a formula of 3x liquid keratin (in case you want to buy it, the bottle is black and gold). What I love about this shampoo:
> It is made specifically for extremely damaged hair.
> It repairs the damages precisely and fills hair fissures.
> It rebuilds the hair structure - Up to 95% less breakage.

- Price: 350 DA= 3€= 3,14$.
- Formula: 3x Liquid Keratine.
- After using the shampoo and conditioner for about 2 months, I've found: 
> My hair is more sleek and less dry and frizzy.
> It moisturises my hair very well.
> It makes my fine, curly hair more manageable, easier to comb through.

- Price: 650 da= 5,61€= 5,8$.
- Formula: 3x Liquid Keratine. 
- After the shampoo and conditioner, I apply the creamy mask and leave it for 2 minutes, then I rinse it all. It enhances suppleness and shine, makes your hair manageable and detangles with its Liquid Keratin ingredients.

Well, all of the products have a very ‘masculine’ smell or is it the chemicals? Keratin? I don't know !!!! Also, the shampoo formula  is a little runny, not as thick in consistency as normal shampoo's.
So, I would definitely recommend this range to people with dry or damaged hair. IT MAY BE YOUR SOLUTION TO FRIZZZZ !!!
- I hope you enjoyed reading my article, stay tuned for more and I LOVE YOU. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to Have a Beautiful and a Healthy Hair (Before Shower)

  Hello my cupcakes, I'm really sorry I haven't posted this article on Saturday because I got sick. Anyway, stop talking about myself, how you doing? I'm so happy because we are in December (My fav month). Anyway,  last summer I've changed my hair colour (I've used 7 oils to dye it) for the first time. I was so happy because the colour fitted my skin tone perfectly but unfortunately my hair got damaged. So, today I will show what I did (still doing it lol) to repair it.

- Coconut Oil: is rapidly growing in popularity because of its uses and benefits. I use it as a treatment before I wash my hair. I apply it, leave it for an overnight and then wash it the day after. Its is more convenient to do this, just make sure to put on a bandana or a towel on your pillow. Well, here you are some mind blowing reasons why I'm so glad to use coconut oil:  
 - It prevents hair breakage and split ends.
 - It slows down hair loss.
 - It moisturizes dry hair.

-Jadayel Oil: I couldn't find its name in English but all I know is a formula of different types of oil which are: mustard oil, olive oil, coriander oil, jatamansi oil, coconut oil, alkanna tinctoriat oil and other beneficial herbs. I really love this oil because it has a special hair lengthening formula that provides the hair with natural tonic ingredients to give strong, healthy and shiny look.
- All in all, I use both of the oils as an overnight oil treatment to prevent hair breakage and give a healthy look for my hair. For their prices, coconut oil coasts 650 da= 5,88 $= 5,47€ and jadayl oil coasts 850 da= 7,7 $= 7,1 €.
- I hope you enjoyed reading this article, thank you so much for your support and stay tuned for more.