Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Current Hair Routine

    Hellooooo sugars, how you doing? I miss you so much and I'm sorry I haven't uploaded a review/ article because I had a problem with the internet. Anyway, today's article is about my hair routine, i.e. what I do during taking shower.
If you are following me on instagram, you'll know that I'm a TRESemmé girl but with dying my hair, the former got damaged more and more and the shampoo didn't fit my hair at all. So, I decided to change the shampoo to something else (Happy with this decision :)).

- Price: 350 DA= 3€= 3,14$.
- Formula: 3x Liquid Keratine.
- This hair repair treatment has a formula of 3x liquid keratin (in case you want to buy it, the bottle is black and gold). What I love about this shampoo:
> It is made specifically for extremely damaged hair.
> It repairs the damages precisely and fills hair fissures.
> It rebuilds the hair structure - Up to 95% less breakage.

- Price: 350 DA= 3€= 3,14$.
- Formula: 3x Liquid Keratine.
- After using the shampoo and conditioner for about 2 months, I've found: 
> My hair is more sleek and less dry and frizzy.
> It moisturises my hair very well.
> It makes my fine, curly hair more manageable, easier to comb through.

- Price: 650 da= 5,61€= 5,8$.
- Formula: 3x Liquid Keratine. 
- After the shampoo and conditioner, I apply the creamy mask and leave it for 2 minutes, then I rinse it all. It enhances suppleness and shine, makes your hair manageable and detangles with its Liquid Keratin ingredients.

Well, all of the products have a very ‘masculine’ smell or is it the chemicals? Keratin? I don't know !!!! Also, the shampoo formula  is a little runny, not as thick in consistency as normal shampoo's.
So, I would definitely recommend this range to people with dry or damaged hair. IT MAY BE YOUR SOLUTION TO FRIZZZZ !!!
- I hope you enjoyed reading my article, stay tuned for more and I LOVE YOU. 

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