Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Homemade Facial Masks

Helloooo beautiful ladies, how is it going? It has been a long time since I've posted a blog, I'm so sorry but it was for a good reason lol I got married Yaaaaay Meeeee 😁😁. Anyways, let's get started!!!
Couple weeks before my wedding, I decided to care of my skin as any bride lol. I looked up for facial homemade masks and I found a lot, so I chose masks that suite all skin type and their ingredients can be found in any kitchen.

1- Egg and tissue mask: this mask is so easy to make and apply. All you need is the clear liquid of an egg (the white part, albumen or the glair/glaire) and a tissue. First, put the white part in a container and mix it. Then, apply it on your face with your hand/face brush and put on it a tissue (you can cut it into 4 parts: forehead; nose; two cheeks). Let this mask dries very well and then rinse it with lukewarm water. 

2- Natural green/white clay: you can find this ingredient at any perfumer or spice dealer. What you need is two spoons of powder clay and rose water (in case you don't have the latter, you can use mineral/ tap water). Mix the two components together and apply the mixture on your face carefully. Keep the mask on your face until it dries and then clean with a lukewarm water.

3- Honey: this is the easiest mask ever, I think we all have honey in our kitchen, right? So, apply the honey on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes then rinse it with lukewarm water and that's it lol.

     Well, these are my top homemade facial masks for all skin types. Don't be afraid to try them out because they are really amazing. As we all know that skincare goes hand in hand with eye treatment. Therefore, in this section, you will get to know more about how to choose the right eye cream for you.
P.S. This second section is a summary of's original article 'The Best Eye Cream'.
Finding the right eye cream for you

Eye cream has been around for a very long time, but too often we don’t consider using it until there are visible signs of aging. As it turns out, there is actually a lot that goes into choosing the right eye cream for your skin’s needs. The team at recently released a guide to eye creams that talks about what to consider when you’re searching. There are two very important things to consider when looking for the right formula for you:

First things first, check the label for skin irritants. As Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse of USC reports, “The skin around the eye is very thin and sensitive and will not always tolerate the same products that your cheeks and forehead can tolerate.” Ingredients that are most likely to irritate the skin are things like fragrance, parabens, and mineral oils. These are common in many beauty products, and are especially troublesome for sensitive skin. Instead, opt for certain natural oils like avocado or coconut oil.

How well an eye cream is going to work depends on what you want it to do, so determine what your goal is first.

For wrinkles, look for formulas that include retinoids, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Retinoids are derived from vitamin A and help skin rid itself of old cells and encourages collagen production. Similarly, peptides work by making the skin think it needs to create more collagen to replace what’s old and broken. Lastly, hyaluronic acid helps to draw moisture into the cells, keeping them hydrated. Keep in mind, however, that anti-aging products like also tend to work best during the nighttime.

For dark circles, look for those that use caffeine to shrink blood vessels, antioxidants to prevent future breakdown of collagen and elastin, and sunscreen to protect and brighten. These kinds of eye creams work best in the morning, so keep this in mind if you’re looking for both a day and night cream.

For puffiness, you’ll want to look for similar ingredients that address dark circles. Caffeine and antioxidants are must-have ingredients here as well. Experts also say that green tea, vitamin K, chamomile, copper, licorice, and aloe vera are good bets for puffiness, too.

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you and what feels right for your skin, but keeping these tips in mind will help steer you in the right direction. To view the full article and see which brands they found to work best, you can take a look here: 

N.B. This article is sponsored. 

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Monday, July 10, 2017

5 Apps You Must Download Before Traveling

      Helloooooo beautiful people, how is going with summer? heat? vacation?. I'm sorry I haven't uploaded for a while because I was busy with my wedding preparation (please pray for me). Anyway, today's article is about applications that you need to download before your next trip (YEEES I LOVE TRAVELING) so let's get started.

1- Google Maps: There’s nothing like Google Maps when it comes to take free route-planning software; using the program, almost anyone with a mobile or a computer can find a way to explore new places with little effort. 

2- Foursqaure: Food and restaurant finder applications are a must, especially when travelling alone. Foursquare is the best because it shows you the nearby restaurants with ratings and customers comments.

3- Google Translate: It is best tool to get translation of any language. It is an easy and simple tool to use if you get stuck with someone whom you don't even know which language s/he is speaking.

4- El Salem: As a muslim person praying time and Qiblah are very needed in foreign countries, thankfully I found this app and I hope it will help you too.

5- Visit a City: This application is included in the list as much for its cool factor as for its utility. Select any city and you will find a list (visit in 1 to 7 days- Things to do- Sights- Map- My plans- Tips). 

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My Current Playlist

Helloooo beautiful people, how are you? how is it going with exams? I know that some of you are having their exams, so good luck and I wish you all the best and success. Anyway, today's article is about songs that I'm obsessed with at moment so let's get STAAAARTTTTEEEED.

English Songs

- Clean Bandit - Symphony feat. Zara Larsson:

- Kygo, Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me (with Selena Gomez):

Ed Sheeran - Shape of You:

- Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like:

- Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm ft. Skip Marley:

Ariana Grande - Everyday ft. Future:

- Pitbull & J Balvin - Hey Ma ft Camila Cabello:

- Bilal Hassani - Follow Me:

Rai Songs

- TiiwTiiw ft L'Algérino Blanka & Sky - Dream Tiiw (Ki kounti):

- TiiwTiiw - DAWDAW ft Cheb Nadir, Blanka & Sky (DJ La Meche):

Well, what are your favourites songs at the moment? I would be super happy for some new suggestions. I hope you enjoyed this tiny little article don't forget to check out my instagram and stay tuned for more.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My Tops and Flops of the Moment

Hello cupcakes, how is going? The weather here in Algeria is incredibly amazing. Anyway, today's article is about my tops and flops for the moment so let's get STARTEEEEED.


1- Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover: this is my current  favorite eye make up remover. I had read good things about this on various blogs and picked it up for around 500 DA. It has become my eye makeup remover of choice, preferred over both the Nivea and  Sephora. I pour some on a cotton pad and hold over my eye for 10-20 seconds and it's gone; the only thing that is troubling me  is the bottle opening (it is quite difficult to control the volume coming out) and I hope that they change this soon.

2- Evoluderm Body Scrub: I tried this on a recommendation from a salesperson in one of the stores. From the day that I've used it, I've noticed a difference in my skin condition. It's less dry and it's retaining moisture for a longer period of time. I love this product and I would recommend it to anyone, plus it smells amazing!

3- Callibelle Vitality Scrub: I was hesitant to try this scrub because my skin got used with another product. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't irritate my skin. My skin felt cleansed and exfoliated without any damage done to it and I had no redness or irritation afterwards.


1- Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Corrector: I really cannot get this product to work for me. If I set it with a powder it becomes patchy and if I don't set it creases almost immediately. I have wanted this  product to work but unfortunately nothing special about it.

2- Byphasse Liquid Keratin Hair Spray: this product says that it repairs and revitalizes your dry and damaged hair restoring its natural shine and providing it with body and volume and all bla bla blaaaaa YAW KDAB FI KDAB lol. don't bother yourself to purchase it because this product is my biggest flop of 2017.

3- Le Petit Marseillais Hair Spray: I'm really disappointed about this product because it promises that will repair damaged hair and will protect its color. It did nothing to my hair (seriously NOTHIIING), so I don't recommend you to buy it.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Hi guys, how are you? I know that spring break is over here  (Algeria) and I know that you're not happy at all lol. Anyway, since spring is officially here in Algeria I thought to do you an article about spring fashion trends, so let's start this thinnnnggggg.

Slogan Tees: according to fashion week in several countries, slogan tees are the spring trend. I, personally,  like this trend because it is a fun and casual way of playing with fashion. Also, you can wear with anything comes to your mind and without having to use lots of colours or accessories. Here are some examples:

Floral Print Trousers: do you remember when we were young and floral trousers were the next big thing? Well, floral trousers are BACK and they are the trend for this year. Anyway, if you do have a pair of colorful pants, then you better check out this Polyvore compilation and make some notes to memorize these style tips.

Floral Jeans: floral denim pants are BACK! We all dreamed of being Kelly Kapowski (the popular girl from Saved by the Bell?) in the early 90’s and now that dream is a REALITY with the return of slim floral jeans! 

One Shoulder: one of the biggest fashion trends of spring and summer 2017 is the off-the-shoulder top, whether it is in shirt, dress, or even bathing suit form.

Vibrant Stripes: you'll find stripes in several shows every season, but we can't remember the last time they were this bright and bold. They're especially fresh in the form of a knit dress, which popped up in collections from Altuzarra to Proenza Schouler.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Travel With Me: Turkey

Hello beautiful and wonderful people, how is going with you?. Anyway, today's article is about my trips to Turkey yeeees TURKEYYYYYY.
Turkey is a lovely country which has amazing views, super delicious food and very hospitable people. My first trip was in September 2012, I was so scared because of different reasons:
> The language: all you hear in Turkey is Turkish (obviously) with a little bit of English and Arabic. So, don't be afraid like I was and trust me you can communicate with them.
> Getting lost: I got the chills because it was my first time to see Turkey and I was scared if I will get lost.
Anyway, so I will stop this bla bla bla and let's get started.
1- Hotel: I traveled to Istanbul six times and I stayed in four different hotels. So, personally, I love Bekdas Deluxe Hotel which is located in Mimar Kemalettin Mah. Derinkuyu Sok. 4, 34130 (It is very close to Istanbul University). You can check booking for details and prices and bare in your mind that the former change according to seasons.

2- Sights: Istanbul is one of the few great cities which are deservedly better known than their countries, it is the only city on the earth situated in two continents: Europe and Asia. If you are a fan of history and culture like me, I promise you will enjoy your holiday there. Anyway, let's startttttt:
> Topkapi Palace: the great palace of the Ottoman sultans from the 15th to the 19th centuries, housing an exquisite collection of gems, jewellery, thrones, robes .......
- Admission: The palace 30TL, Harem 15TL and Hagia Irene 20TL.
> Hagia Sophia: the ancient basilica built by Constantine the great, the 4th century and reconstructed by Justinian in the 6th century, is one of the architectural marvels of all time.
- Admission: 30TL.
> Sultan Ahmet Mosque: is the best interior designed mosque in Ottoman architecture with its 20.000 pieces Iznik tiles.
- Admission: free.
> Hippodrome: is the center of byzantine entertainment where 30.000 civilian was killed by order of queen with arrow rain in the inside of it.
- Admission: free.
> Grand Bazaar: is one of the largest and oldest covered market in the world with more than 60 streets and 4.000 shops. It is well known for its jewellery, carpet shops and ceramic plates.
- Admission: free.
> Spice Bazaar (Egyptian Bazaar): if you are a fan of spices; dried fruits; Turkish delights and more, this bazaar will be your best friend till the end of your trip.
- Admission: free.
> Dolmabhace Palace: was the first European-style palace built by Ottoman Sultans. This palace is interesting for its furniture and fittings. Ataturk lived the final of his life in the residental part of the palace and died there.
- Admission: 30TL.
> Basilica Cistern: it was constructed for Byzantine Emperor Justinian 1, during the Byzantine period the cistern would have stored water for use by the palace.
-Admission: 20TL.
> Galata Bridge: Galata Koprusu spans the Golden Horn, a naturally inlet and protected harbor in the Boshorus River where it meets the Sea of Marmara.
- Admission: free.
> Suleymaniye Mosque: is a 16th century structure built during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. It was designed by famed Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan and stands on Istanbul's 3rd hill.
-Admission: free.
> Istiklal Street (Independence Street): it is the home to cafes, restaurants, fashion stores, art galleries, cinemas, theatres, hotels, music stores and more.
- Admission: free.
> Little Hagia Sophia: it is thought that the church was designed by the same architects who designed the Hagia Sophia and that it was a kind of practice run for Hagia Sophia.
- Admission: free.
> Miniaturk: the attraction is to-scale miniature 3D recreation of famous landmarks from Istanbul and other Turkish cities. In addition, there is a Turkey-Istanbul 5D helicopter simulator; shopping center; restaurant-café; kid's playground, a ferry boat ride and more.
- Admission: 10TL.
> Princes' Islands: there are 9 islands with a different size, no car is permitted and transport is provided by horse-drawn carriages. The area is an awsome place for swimming and relaxing.

3-Food: Turkey diverse food culture draws on the location between east and west; the rich history of the Ottoman Empire brought cuisine from across the continent and the legacy left by the Sultan's royal kitchens. I have tried so many restaurants in Istanbul whether in Old city or New city and my favourite one is Sar Restaurant (Yeniceriler Cad. No: 47 Beyazit Istanbul); I love everything about this restaurant: the food, the stuff, the hospitality.... 'Halis abi herşey için teşekkürler'.

  All the pictures were taking between 2012-2015 not 2007 lol (I had a problem with my camera that day). Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my article so don't forget to check out my instagram and stay tuned for more.
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