Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall Must Haves

                                                        It is finally faaaaallllll :))))
As the title says, there are some tricks and trends to follow so that you will be " slaying " fall fashion style:

1- Trench Coat: wether it is black or white, red or blue, you need it in your closet and here you are some reasons why you should have it:
   - You can put it anytime especially if you are out of style. So, all you need is a trench coat with jean       or legging.
  - you can wear it for a business meeting, a date or a family/ friends occasion.

2- Belted- Dress: the best thing about wearing a belt with a dress is that it suits pretty much everyone. Also, the belt can change completely the look of the dress and it gives that feminine stylish look.

3- Leather Jacket: no matter what kind of style you are drawn to be, a leather jacket looks good with everything I MEAN EVERYTHIIIING ( dress, skirt, denim...).

4- Bomber: if you haven't got one yet, I suggest you to get your hands on the most stylish trend for this season because:
  - It is so comfy to wear.
  - There are so many colours, versions of it.
  - You can wear for today's outfit or on a chilly night outfit.

5. Pencil Skirt: it can be made in any fabric you want, it simple and classy. You can wear it for meetings or dates.

6- Boots: wether they are flat or with heals, boots can be worn year around ( not only on fall) and they can work with everything. Moreover, they are a classy sophisticated style of shoe.

7- Dark Lipsticks: wether they are matte or shiny, before buying a dark lipstick, you should know what shade will suit you best.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little article , stay tuned for more
                                                               I Love You

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