Monday, July 10, 2017

5 Apps You Must Download Before Traveling

      Helloooooo beautiful people, how is going with summer? heat? vacation?. I'm sorry I haven't uploaded for a while because I was busy with my wedding preparation (please pray for me). Anyway, today's article is about applications that you need to download before your next trip (YEEES I LOVE TRAVELING) so let's get started.

1- Google Maps: There’s nothing like Google Maps when it comes to take free route-planning software; using the program, almost anyone with a mobile or a computer can find a way to explore new places with little effort. 

2- Foursqaure: Food and restaurant finder applications are a must, especially when travelling alone. Foursquare is the best because it shows you the nearby restaurants with ratings and customers comments.

3- Google Translate: It is best tool to get translation of any language. It is an easy and simple tool to use if you get stuck with someone whom you don't even know which language s/he is speaking.

4- El Salem: As a muslim person praying time and Qiblah are very needed in foreign countries, thankfully I found this app and I hope it will help you too.

5- Visit a City: This application is included in the list as much for its cool factor as for its utility. Select any city and you will find a list (visit in 1 to 7 days- Things to do- Sights- Map- My plans- Tips). 

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