Sunday, December 31, 2017

Homemade Masks for Oily Skin

     Hello my angles, how is going with you? I can't believe this is my last article of 2017. I'm sooo excited for 2018, I have a couple resolutions to accomplish inchalah and don't worry I will share them with you. Anyways, after yesterday's voting poll the majority of you voted for homemade masks so let's get starteeeeed!!!

We all dream of shiny hair, lips, nails and makeup especially for a night out, event, wedding.... but an oily t-zone? Not so much!. Well, here you are best DIY face masks for oily skin you can try to get rid of that greasy layer from your face.
Lemon and Yogurt
-Citric acid existed in lemon can help neutralise and control the natural oil of your skin. Yogurt, on the other hand, contains lactic acid that acts as a natural cleanser. 
> Combine two tablespoons of lemon juice and two tablespoons of natural yogurt.
> Apply it on your face and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
> Apply an oil-free moisturiser.
> You can use this DIY face mask once a week.
Banana, lemon and honey
- Banana contains vitamins A, B, E, and potassium that fight blemishes and moisturise skin. 
> Take a banana and mash it using a fork.
> Add one tablespoon each of lemon juice and honey.
> Mix the three to form a consistent paste.
Apply the mask on your face and neck and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.
> Rinse it off with cool water and follow it with a moisturiser.
> You may use the DIY face mask for oily skin 2 times a week to get blemish-free skin.
- Tomatoes facial masks are very useful to manage oily skin, as they help in dissolving extra oil. 
> Mash a tomato and apply it on your oily face area for about 15 minutes. 
> You can use this face mask twice a week to make your skin healthy and flawless.
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Saturday, December 23, 2017

How to Take Care of your Skin? (Oily Skin)

    Hello my cupcakes, how you doing with this weather? Baby it's cold outside lol. Anyways, a lot of you, my amazing followers, sent me messages concerning skin care routine so today's article is going to be about that.

What is an oily skin?
- Do you notice your skin is often shiny, your makeup get easily sweaty and you always get attacked by pimples. These are the daily woes of people who struggle with oily skin.

What causes oily skin?
- A lot of girls ask themselves: "why is my face so oily?". Well, next time you ask this question remember that there are two factors: hormones and genetics.

How to take care of my skin?
- The first step in caring for oily skin is to going to dermatologist.
- Avoid using products that contain harsh and drying ingredients because they actually make more oil.
- Use a gentle, fragrance free and not drying ingredients cleanser with soft washcloth or cleansing brush with ultra-soft bristles;
- Use an alcohol-free toner that contains skin-replenishing ingredients will help skin renew and minimise the appearance of  pores.
- Exfoliation is one of the most important skincare steps for oily skin. Gently exfoliating is the only way to remove clogged pores.
- A sunscreen is essential for reducing the risk of early signs of aging and keeping everything about skin from getting worse. Now, you have a lot of options that are not too greasy or too occlusive and you will change your impression about sunscreens for good. 
- At night, use light and effective hydrating and skin-renewing gel or serum that is free of pore-clogging ingredients.
- Get the right amount of rest each night is important to the look and appearance of the skin. 
Be sure to manage your stress through exercise, practice meditation and talk to a friend or family member.

Which foundation should I use?
   If you are looking for high-end brand, you can purchase Make Up Forever mattifying foundation, Bareminerals mat foundation with SPF 15, EstΓ¨e Lauder double wear stay in place makeup and if you are looking for drug store makeup: L'oreal infallible pro 24h mat, 
Maybelline fit me mat and poreless foundation, Note mattifying extreme wear foundation.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

How to Take Care of your Hair

     Hello hello my angels, how is going with you? 2017 is almost over I'm sad but at the same time very excited for the new year= new beginnings. Anyway, as you the title says, today's article is about hair and how to take care of it without going to a beauty salon. Let's get starteeeeeed!!!!!!!

We all that dream of having a beautiful long shinny hair like bollywood celebrities (shout out to India!) but due to genetical and environmental factors you hair is damaged and unhealthy. So, here you are some of tips and ways will provide you on hair care, as well, will show you what you can do at home to get unbelievably beautiful hair.
- Don't wash you hair very often because can leave hair dried out, 
may damage and leach your hair from its natural oils. Well, it is better to wash your hair twice a week.
- Try shampoos that do not contain sulfates or parabens because these chemicals aren't healthy for you or the environment so try to use shampoos with natural cleansers. 
- Use a shampoo and a conditioner that match to your hair type, length, and treatment damage.
Rinse your hair with organic apple cider vinegar after washing, it is preferably to use this technic once in month.
- Use organic oils for your hair to moisturise it, you can utilise for example: almond, castor, olive, coconut, argan, lavender and more.
- Comb your wet hair with extreme care because it is fragile and prone to breakage.
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

My Night Routine (Fall/ Winter Edition)

       Hello my angels, how are you? I'm better than before el hamdulilah. I want to thank you guys for your all sweet messages and Insta stories, your lovely words mean the world to me. So, today's article is about my night routine, well I'm not going to tell you HEY GIRLS I JUST COME BACK FROM WORD AND THIS WHAT DO TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF EVERY SINGLE DAY AND THAT BLABLABLA THING. Hell no, a) for the moment I am unemployed; I really want to work in the makeup industry or for a magazine unfortunately nothing is available for now (kach khdma lol), b) most of the days, you just want to take your makeup off and sleep (no mask, no cream, no anything just to sleep). So, let's get started!!!!

1- Garnier SkinActive Biphase Micellaire Tout en 1:
 Since the weather has been changing so much over the last 6 weeks or so my skin has become so dry I didn't know what to do.  I bought this makeup remover after reading a lot of reviews on it. If I'm wearing makeup or not, I always use this makeup remover.  As long as you shake this product before use it doesn't leave your skin greasy. It is the bomb, it removes very well even waterproof makeup. It leaves mine feeling clean, hydrated & soft. I would absolutely recommend you to buy it and I for sure will purchase this again.

2- Garnier SkinActive Pure Active 3 in 1 (Wash, Scrub and Mask):
I use this almost 3 times per week, I remove my makeup and put this one as a mask, leave it until it dries and then wash it off. It  definitely improved my skin: less breakouts, whiteheads and pimples. This product also has salicylic acid, zinc and clay which are amazing for skin. One more thing, this product is ideal for oily and combination skin.

3- L'oreal Hydra-Total 5 Night Cream:
I'm using L'orΓ©al Hydra-Total 5 which: hydrates, regenerates, strengthens, nourishes and rests the skin all night. I've been using this cream face for about 2 years and I'm in love with it, so I do recommend you to purchase it.

4- Nuxe Hand and Nail Cream: 
This is my second purchase of this product because it  is amazing. 
I use this product every evening before bedtime and at various times during the day. I have noticed that this hand cream moisturizes my dry skin very well and it softens it amazingly.  It smells lovely, lasts well and does my hands a lot of good. Also, it has improved my nail health so much than they have ever been. For a first try of Nuxe products, I'm impressed and I will definitely buy another stuff.

5- Neutrogena Lip Balm SPF 20: 
I freaking love this product because a) it nourishes my lips b) it protects them in all weather conditions. This moisture-enriched formula soothes and conditions your lips, keeping them healthy looking and soft in all weather. Contains a  SPF 20 sunblock for added protection from the sun. 

Night Night 
If it really cold and I want something comfy and cute I wear this pyjama:

In case I want something classy and elegant, well this one is the best:

Well, lately I'm obsessed with:
Oum Walid: 
Lamia Cuisine:
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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Travel With Me: Barcelona

What's up guys? how is going? As many of you, especially for the ones who are following me on Instagram, know that I got married and I went to Barcelona for my honeymoon. So, today's article will be a blog-vlog about my trip.

1- Visa: 
I don't know the exact procedures because my husband took care of everything. So, just check out the Spain Embassy's official website to get information.

2- Fly Ticket: 
Fly tickets usually differ in price according to seasons, companies, type of seats and stop-overs. Well, we took a direct flight from Algeirs to Barcelona with a suitable price (24000 da per person).

3- Hotel :
As fly tickets, hotels also differ according to location, seasons, stars, stuff and so on. So, my advice to you is if you find a great hotel with a wonderful price GOOOO and book it especially if you're certain about your trip duration. Guys don't make the same mistake as we did, we booked the hotel on the 1st of August and the check-in date was the 16. Well, it costs us about 120000 da (Yes I know a looot but it worth it lol) for 5 days with no breakfast option. Anyways, the hotel that we picked up was amazzzzing, it's name is Catalonia Barcelona Golf *** and it's location was amazing too (about 2km from Las Ramblas). 

PS. Here you are its link 

4- Places to Visit:
Barcelona is one of Europe's largest and greatest  city to explore, you'll have many options to see and visit. Unfortunately, you can not scout it as you want/ wish especially if you are on a budget or a short time trip. So, this what we did.

- First day: we did not do any thing special because we arrived at 7pm, so we just explored Diagonal Avenue at night and that's it.

-Second day: we decided to go to the Camp Nou in the morning and Barcelona Aquarium in the afternoon. So, this is what happened:
* We bought a T10 metro-bus-tram card that costs 10 euro (we shared together) and then we took a metro from Diagonal Avenue to Maria Cristina. We just walked for a couple of minutes and BOOM we are facing Camp Nou. The latter is an incredible stadium with an amazing view and very helpful stuff. The ticket to go visit the museum and stadium charges 25 euro for a person. All in all, it was an unbelievable experience.

* In the afternoon, we went to Barcelona Aquarium in which we explored  under the sea world and took several pictures of unbelievable kinds of fish. Then, we went to the Maremagnum Mall and unfortunately we found a lot of stores were closing because of the terrorist attack. So, we panicked a little a bit and we decided to go back to the hotel ( it took us about 1 hour and half of walking to go back, everything was closed).
- Day 3: we wanted to go to somewhere safe and far from Las ramblas/ Placa de Cataluniya attempt, so we decided to see L'illa Mall near Maria Cristina metro station. We did a huge amount of shopping especially from Primark and Lush.

- Day 4: we chose to discover more about Barcelona by touristic bus for all day. We first started with the red line and we stopped at Maremagnum station to eat the famous traditional dish Paella Marinera (the restaurant called Mirando al Mar and its Paella is totally Halal: no chicken no wine). Then, we took the blue line and saw another sights of the beautiful Barcelona.
-Day 5: our last day, we went back home :((((.

5- Tips:
- If you're a group of people, you can buy one ticket of T10 and share it together.
- There is an Aerobus which you can take it from Al Prat Barcelona airport to Placa de Cataluniya and vice versa, its charge is 5,90€ per person.
- It is a little difficult to find Halal food in Barcelona, so you have an option wether to purchase vegetarian food or Sushi.
- Keep your bag close to you because there are a lot of thieves in Barcelona. 
- If you are looking to buy cosmetics products with a good price, Barcelona is the best especially during summer sales (1st july till the end of August).

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Friday, October 27, 2017

5 Beauty Hacks I Actually Use

      What's up my angels, how is going with you? how is school? uni? work?. I'm sooo excited because it is officially fall in Algeria YAAAAAY. So, for today's article I thought to talk about beauty hacks that I truly use every time. Whenever I see articles, videos and stuff about beauty tricks, I wonder if they actually work?. Well, honestly speaking, I tried a lot of the hacks and I found some of them were very helpful and did a great job for me, so hopefully they will work for you too.

1-  You know when you have that eyeliner pencil which is looking great when you swatch it on your hand, and as soon as you try it  you will see nothing. Well, my ladies I have the solution but you need to be careful, all you need is a lighter/ match and then poke the eyeliner nib onto it for about a second, then you have to blowing it to make sure that it is nice and cool and that's it.

2- Cocoanut oil has become one of my favorite things I use for my hair, body and also for my face. So, recently I use it as a makeup remover and trust me it works amaziiing even if you have a waterproof eye makeup. In addition, I noticed that cocoanut oil helped my eyelashes to grow so YEEEES. 

3- This next hack is for the ones who love to wear matte lipsticks but all they have is glossy lipsticks. So, wear any lipstick that you like and then put on a tissue or toilet paper. After, take a brush with a translucent powder and place that over your lipstick. It looks really silly but I promise you it works really good and as a result you lipstick becomes a matt plus this hack prevents the lipstick from getting on your teeth. 

4- We all had those days when we forgotten some sort of makeup especially blush and this super sucks lol. Well,  you need a lipstick and simply just put a little of bit onto your fingers and start dabbing it on your cheeks. Voila, you have a glowing beautiful cheeks.

5- We all love nail polish but we get very mad when we get all over. So, for this trick you need a makeup brush with nail polish remover and simply use that brush to clean away any kind of edges where you may messed up.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Homemade Facial Masks

Helloooo beautiful ladies, how is it going? It has been a long time since I've posted a blog, I'm so sorry but it was for a good reason lol I got married Yaaaaay Meeeee 😁😁. Anyways, let's get started!!!
Couple weeks before my wedding, I decided to care of my skin as any bride lol. I looked up for facial homemade masks and I found a lot, so I chose masks that suite all skin type and their ingredients can be found in any kitchen.

1- Egg and tissue mask: this mask is so easy to make and apply. All you need is the clear liquid of an egg (the white part, albumen or the glair/glaire) and a tissue. First, put the white part in a container and mix it. Then, apply it on your face with your hand/face brush and put on it a tissue (you can cut it into 4 parts: forehead; nose; two cheeks). Let this mask dries very well and then rinse it with lukewarm water. 

2- Natural green/white clay: you can find this ingredient at any perfumer or spice dealer. What you need is two spoons of powder clay and rose water (in case you don't have the latter, you can use mineral/ tap water). Mix the two components together and apply the mixture on your face carefully. Keep the mask on your face until it dries and then clean with a lukewarm water.

3- Honey: this is the easiest mask ever, I think we all have honey in our kitchen, right? So, apply the honey on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes then rinse it with lukewarm water and that's it lol.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

5 Apps You Must Download Before Traveling

      Helloooooo beautiful people, how is going with summer? heat? vacation?. I'm sorry I haven't uploaded for a while because I was busy with my wedding preparation (please pray for me). Anyway, today's article is about applications that you need to download before your next trip (YEEES I LOVE TRAVELING) so let's get started.

1- Google Maps: There’s nothing like Google Maps when it comes to take free route-planning software; using the program, almost anyone with a mobile or a computer can find a way to explore new places with little effort. 

2- Foursqaure: Food and restaurant finder applications are a must, especially when travelling alone. Foursquare is the best because it shows you the nearby restaurants with ratings and customers comments.

3- Google Translate: It is best tool to get translation of any language. It is an easy and simple tool to use if you get stuck with someone whom you don't even know which language s/he is speaking.

4- El Salem: As a muslim person praying time and Qiblah are very needed in foreign countries, thankfully I found this app and I hope it will help you too.

5- Visit a City: This application is included in the list as much for its cool factor as for its utility. Select any city and you will find a list (visit in 1 to 7 days- Things to do- Sights- Map- My plans- Tips). 

Sooooo, I hope you enjoyed reading this article don't forget to tag your friends and stay tuned for more.
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