Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Makeup Bag for Beginners

      Hellooooo beautiful amazing and wonderful people, how is going with 2017 so far?. Anyway, a lot of you love makeup and want to figure out how and where to start. If you are ready to spent some money for must-have items keep reading this article.

1- Makeup Bag: I recommend you to buy bags or caboodles because they are good for storing or for travelling. My makeup bag is: Victoria Secret; I bought it from Istanbul and it cost me 50 Turkish Lira (3500da= 30€= 32$) and I'm totally in love with it.

2- Primer: in case you want your makeup to look stunning, you  must have a primer because it can minimize your pores and smooth your skin. If your skin is naturally flawless, you can skip this step. Personally, I don't use primers that much; I only use foundation or BB cream.

 3- Foundation: there are so many different foundations that everyone can find something which suits their skin type and shade.  If you can buy foundation from high brands, well there are different brands such as: Mac, Makeup For Ever, Urban Decay but if want to buy something good and not that expensive : Maybelline and L'oreal will make you happy. 

4- Concealer: if you are using face makeup for the first time, a concealer is a must because: a) concealers are more pigmented than foundation, b) concealers can cover a lot of things like dark circles... . For a beginner, I suggest you Maybelline Instant Anti-Age which help you to awaken the under eyes and delete any blemishes from the skin.

5- Blush/ Bronzer and Highlighter : these three products will help you to add healthy glow to your face: a) blush adds life to your skin; b) bronzer allows you to fake that sun has kissed your skin all year round; c) highlighter give lit-from-within glow. I recommend to use MISS COP Kit Contouring palette (800 da= 7$= 6,88€).

6- Mascara: if you could only buy one product, mascara should be it. It is amazing what long and full lashes can do for your face. My favourite mascara is and will be always Maybelline.

7- Eyeshadow Palette: neutral eyeshadows are the most basic and essential thing for any makeup beginner's kit. a NYC Quatro Eyeshadow is the perfect way to start experiencing eyeshadows.

8- Lipsticks: no kit is complete without lipsticks, for beginners I suggest you to buy Nude and Red lipsticks which are suitable for all shades. You can perchuase your lipstick from drugstore (Maybelline, Flormar, Golden Rose, Essence....) or from high brands (Mac, Channel, YSL, Urban Decay....).

9- Lip balms: for keeping your lips smooth and healthy, especially during those harsh winter months all you need is a good natural lip balm.

10- Brushes: in order to apply your makeup properly, you will need to use the right tools.

11- Q-tips: these are great for removing or touching-up your makeup. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my article so share it with your friends and stay tuned for more.
 💖I Love You💖

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Get to Know me Tag

Hello beautiful people, how is going with you? a lot of you do not know me well, so I decided to do a small tag about me LET'S START IIIITTTTT.
- My name is Rania, I'm 25 years old and from Algeria.
1. What is your middle name? It is Sarra (I know old school haa lol).
2. What was your favorite subject at school? History and English and I still love both.
3. What is your favorite song at the moment? My fav song for now is: Me Like Yuh - Jay Park (Kpop girl).
4. What is your favorite drink? I looooove hot chocolate.
5. What is your favorite food? I love my grandma food especially her Couscous.
6. What is the last thing I bought? It was something very intimate for my trousseau.
7. Favorite book of all time? 'I was here' by Gayle Forman (Go and check it out, you'll absolutely love it).
8. Favorite color? My favorite color is red.
9. Do you have any pets? No, I don't.
10. Favorite perfume? My fav perfume is Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne.
11. Favorite holiday? It is probably Eid El Fitr.
12. Are married? Yes I am.
13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times? I have been out of the country a lot (Turkey for 6 times and Tunisia for about million time lol).
14. Do you speak other language? Yes, I speak Arabic, English and French. Now, I'm learning Turkish.
15. How many siblings do you have? I'm a unique child.
16. What is your favorite shop? I don't have a specific shop that I love the most.
17. Favorite restaurant? My favorite is local and it is a fast food. The food there is phenomenal.
18. When was the last time you cried? Ten days ago, I was very emotional when my husband told me that he went to my father's tomb which is far from where I live (about 700km).
19. Favorite blog? I have a lot of favorite blogs, so I'm not just going to mention one.
20. Favorite movie? I have two favorite movies which are: 10 Things I Hate about You, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
21. Favorite TV show? My fav TV show is Kara Sevda.
22. PC or Mac? Mac.
23. What phone do you have? I have an iPhone 6.
24. How tall are you? 1.74cm.
25. Can you cook? Yes, I can cook.
-I hope you enjoyed reading this article, tags your friends and stay tuned for more.
💗I Love You💗