Monday, January 23, 2017

My Nude Lipsticks and Lip Liners

Hello my beauties, how you doing?. Well, today I figure out to share with you my nude lipsticks and lip liners, i.e.,  what I love and hate about them. Anyway, let's get started :))


1- Golden Rose Velvet Matte N 27:
> Price: 350 da= 3€= 3,20$.
> Packaging: I really like it, I find it somehow classy.
> I absolutely love this lipstick because:
a) It suits very well.
b) It lasts for about 4-6 hours and I think it is a good thing for a drug store brand.
c) It smells amaaaaziiiiing.

2- Flormar Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick Stylo DC28 Absolute Nude:
> Price: 650 da= 5,53€= 5,94$.
> Packaging: it looks so classy and fancy.
> I have different views about this lipstick:
a) The color looks amazing and it suits me very well.
b) It doesn't stay that much (2-4 hours).
c) It leaves my lips so dry and chapped.

3- Revlon 800:
> Price: I don't have any idea about its price because I got it as a gift.
> Packaging: I find beautiful and you can carry it even in your pocket.
> I really enjoy wearing this lipstick because it gives me that natural and glowy look. Also, I apply it after the Flormar lipstick one.

Lip liners

1- Golden Rose Dream Lips Lipliner 501:
> Price: I'm sorry I forgot its price, all I remember I buy it from Istanbul/ Turkey (Forum Istanbul Mall).
> Packaging: I really like Golden Rose packaging, their products always look pretty and classy.
> I absolutely love this lipliner because:
a) It gives a natural look for my lips.
b) It gives a perfect lip shape.
c) It dries quickly and lasts about the whole day.

2- Bourjois Lèvres Contour Beige Noisette 30:
> Price: 300da= 2,74$= 2,56€.
> Packaging: Usually I find the Bourjois products look beautiful but this one looks definitely ugly lol.
> I'm not a fan of this lip liner, I think I only wore it for 2 or 3 times because:
a) I hate the texture because it takes time to dry and it is not long-wearing.
b) It gives a yellow shade for my lips.
c) It leaves my lips dry and chapped.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and by the way in some pictures my hand seems so red, it is because the mobile (I took my pics with my iPhone 6). Sooo stay tuned for more.
💖I Love You💖

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