Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Hi guys, how are you? I know that spring break is over here  (Algeria) and I know that you're not happy at all lol. Anyway, since spring is officially here in Algeria I thought to do you an article about spring fashion trends, so let's start this thinnnnggggg.

Slogan Tees: according to fashion week in several countries, slogan tees are the spring trend. I, personally,  like this trend because it is a fun and casual way of playing with fashion. Also, you can wear with anything comes to your mind and without having to use lots of colours or accessories. Here are some examples:

Floral Print Trousers: do you remember when we were young and floral trousers were the next big thing? Well, floral trousers are BACK and they are the trend for this year. Anyway, if you do have a pair of colorful pants, then you better check out this Polyvore compilation and make some notes to memorize these style tips.

Floral Jeans: floral denim pants are BACK! We all dreamed of being Kelly Kapowski (the popular girl from Saved by the Bell?) in the early 90’s and now that dream is a REALITY with the return of slim floral jeans! 

One Shoulder: one of the biggest fashion trends of spring and summer 2017 is the off-the-shoulder top, whether it is in shirt, dress, or even bathing suit form.

Vibrant Stripes: you'll find stripes in several shows every season, but we can't remember the last time they were this bright and bold. They're especially fresh in the form of a knit dress, which popped up in collections from Altuzarra to Proenza Schouler.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this article so don't forget to check out my instagram and stay tuned for more.
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